Interlanguage School

Why should this project be introduced into China?
This is a "practical" overseas project: it does not have the traditional study abroad cost of millions of dollars, which can be afforded by both the working class and wealthy families; Oriented, even an ordinary person can have a stable, prosperous and healthy life. Its practicality also lies in allowing more people to choose their favorite major and master a professional skill, and at the same time, they can study for free in the most professional schools in the world; after graduation, they can work in the professional field in Germany, or continue For advanced studies in university majors, obtain a German university degree recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Project Description

Germany's dual system of vocational education has attracted worldwide attention and has always been in a leading position in the world. After World War II, the secret weapon of Germany's economic take-off was the German dual system of vocational education. The so-called "dual vocational education" (die duale Ausbildung) means that the entire training process is carried out in factories, enterprises and national vocational schools, and this education mode is mainly based on enterprise training, practice in enterprises and vocational schools The theoretical teaching is closely combined, and the students' learning purpose is clear - "learning for future work", which greatly stimulates students' interest in learning. The "dual system" vocational education shortens the distance between enterprise employment and school education with strong pertinence and practicability. At the same time, for a job seeker, he can not only learn and master an industry skill, but also have a guarantee of a stable job after the training program is over.

Quick Questions and Answers for the Dual Vocational Education Program
What is the focus of German language learning?
If I successfully get the offer from the company and successfully get the visa, will you still provide follow-up services when I arrive in Germany?
If I need to improve my German after working in Germany so that I can better communicate with my colleagues and integrate into life abroad, how can you help me?
Our German language learning is aimed at improving the German level to the level (B1) required by visas and enterprises in a short period of time. Our foreign teachers with experienced local human resources will develop training courses for each student's level to help you obtain them with a clear purpose. The offer of the enterprise.
We understand the difficulties faced when arriving in a new country for the first time to settle and work. We will also provide you with services such as airport pick-up, landing registration and local legal assistance after you arrive in Germany. You will not be alone abroad Stand alone, we are your helper and contact person in Germany.
In addition, it helps students communicate well between vocational schools and enterprises, and keeps abreast of students' situation in Germany.
Most people need a period of language and cultural adaptation when they go abroad for the first time. We have rich experience in helping you through this period. We have prepared special oral language and social work culture adaptation courses. This is after arriving in Germany. Courses can help you quickly integrate into German society and go through the adaptation period smoothly.
Students are treated the same as Germans

Same school, same subsidy

Equal social security, equal employment

Equal treatment for further studies

Germany Green Card Application

You can apply for a German green card after working for five years

Depends on the regulations of the local federal state government in Germany

EU Certificate of Approval

Students can obtain EU-recognized vocational qualification certificates after graduation

Project Benefits

Free tuition
Students study at German state schools (Berufsschule) without tuition fees.
enjoy subsidies

Students can enjoy dual education subsidies during their studies; metalworking as an example:

  • 830 Euro/month for the first year,
  • 910 Euro/month for the second year,
  • 970 Euro/month for the third year,
  • 1010 Euro/month for the fourth year.

Subsidized salaries in other professional fields vary, with an average of 800-1,100 Euros per month, and students can get 25,200 Euros (RMB 189,000) in 3.5 years

Employment Guarantee
After completing their studies, students can directly work in internship companies, with an average salary of 3,000-3,500 Euros.
Can go on to higher education
培After graduating from the training program, students can apply for well-known German universities in Germany after continuing their studies, exempt from APS review, and German public universities can be recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education.
Can immigrate
According to the German immigration law, you can apply for a German green card after working in Germany for five consecutive years.
heavy service
During the student's study period (3-3.5 years), the whole process of follow-up service is provided to keep abreast of the situation of students' internships in enterprises and vocational schools.

Occupation category


Carpenters, Bricklayers, Painters, Construction Workers, Civil Engineering Technicians, Bricklayers, etc.

medical services

Nurses, paramedics, midwives, physical therapists, surgical assistants, dental assistants, veterinarians, music therapists, emergency responders, surgical assistants, pharmaceutical engineers, optometrists, orthoptists, nutritionists, etc.

Mechatronics Industry

Industrial Engineering Electronic Engineers, Electricians, Mechanics, Two-Wheel Mechanics (Bicycle, Motorcycle Mechanics), Mechatronics Mechanics, Construction Electricians, Refrigeration Technicians, Automation Technicians, Mechanical Equipment Operators, etc.

IT service industry

IT system electromechanical engineer, IT application program engineer, etc.

hotel management

Tour Manager, Chef, Pastry Chef, etc.

Business management

Bank clerks, administrators, industrial trade assistants, accountants, etc.

Our service process

01 One-to-one career planning We will discuss your needs and wishes regarding career in Germany.
02 One-on-one professional direction feedback According to your needs and wishes, combined with the urgently needed popular majors in Germany, we provide 3-5 career directions.
03 According to your needs and wishes, combined with the urgently needed popular majors in Germany, we provide 3-5 career directions ​ See the first page for details See the first page for details See the first page for details See the first page for details
04 List of Potentially Applicable Enterprises With the application file you created, checked by our HR specialists and our list of potential businesses, you are ready to apply.
Included in job application and interview training courses
Successfully applied for a job in a company
05 help find a place to live We can help you find the ideal home according to your needs.
06 arrived in germany Airport pick-up service, we will be your point of contact in Germany and handle the communication and feedback between you and companies and vocational schools.
Follow-up service after landing in Germany

Registration Notice

Age: 18-30 years old
Education: technical secondary school or above
German: B1 and above
No criminal record, good teamwork skills, adaptability and communication skills
Wang comes from an ordinary family in Inner Mongolia. His graduation from a non prestigious school and lack of work experience have caused him repeated setbacks in his job search process. By chance, Wang learned about the German Hotel Management Training Program (Duale Ausbildung). Wang learned that the program is supported by the German government. He can not only learn a specialty and craft for free, but also get a salary during the training program. He can not rely on the financial support of his family, and can get a stable job opportunity after graduation from the training program. After successful realization of Economic freedom, Wang decided to give it a try.
After registering according to the application process, Wang managed to get a qualified score in German through hard work, and successfully received an online interview invitation from a four-star hotel in southern Southern Germany after the interview training. Fortunately, Wang passed the interview and successfully received the admission notice, and soon reserved a visa for Germany. He started working from the interview to entering Germany, Wang only took three months.
The work in the hotel is not as busy as imagined. Wang works in the hotel three days a week, divided into morning and evening shifts. The morning shift is from 9:00 to 17:00, and the evening shift is from 13:00 to 22:00. The remaining two days are spent studying at school (Berufsschule). There are 2 days off every week, as well as public holidays. German hotels almost never work overtime, so Wang can balance work and life very well.
During the training period, Wang learned a lot of knowledge and theories related to food and beverage management and hotel management in school, and he can also apply them well during his work in the hotel, directly learning and applying them.
The hotel and catering industry in Germany has a tradition of tipping. While receiving trainee salaries, Wang can also receive a considerable monthly tip (300-400 euros per month). Wang now not only does not need family support financially, but his monthly tip and salary income can also be enough to support his 2-3 trips to other European countries every year. During his travels, Xiao Wang also made many friends from other countries, expanding his horizons.
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